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APA 7th Edition Citation Guide

Learn how to format essays and cite your sources using APA 7th Edition Guidelines.

What is Direct Quotation?

Direct Quotation:

  • Replicates the words of the source exactly, set off by quotation marks.
  • Includes a parenthetical indicating the author, year, and page number the quote was taken from.
  • Is typically set off by a signal phrase, which incorporates the quotation into the flow of the essay.

When do I use Direct Quotation?

  • When you want to call attention to both what a source says and how it says it.
  • To call attention to a definition or introduce words or phrases peculiar to a source.
  • When a source expresses an idea succinctly.
  • Use direct quotation rarely.  APA is designed for the social and health sciences, which typically have less need for direct quotation than the humanities.  

Quotation (Narrative Citation)

Quotation (Parenthetical Citation)

Block Quotation