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College Composition

Book Databases

Book FAQ

What types of information do books contain?

  • Introductory information about your topic
  • Broad and deep overviews of your topic that cover it from a wide variety of perspectives
  • In depth analysis of different aspects of your topic
  • Synthesis of all of the existing research on your topic in a single place
  • Multiple research studies related to your topic in a single collection

Why use books?

  • To get a comprehensive overview all in one place
  • To explore your topic from many different perspectives
  • Support your argument with proven evidence
  • Provide expert analysis of research on a specific topic

Are books peer-reviewed?

If your book is written by an expert in their field and published by a reputed publisher, it was likely subject to an editorial review process that ensures the information it contains is high quality.  If you found your book in ATC's catalog or library database, it will likely count as a peer-reviewed source for your argumentative essay.