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College Composition

Peer-Reviewed Journal Databases

Peer-Reviewed Journal FAQ

What types of information do peer-reviewed journal articles contain?

  • Research related to your topic that is vetted by experts in their field
  • Analysis and summaries of all existing research on a given topic (search for "literature reviews," "meta-analysis" or "systematic review" to find articles of this type)
  • Subject-based perspectives on your topic (e.g. psychology, philosophy, health science, environmental science, or etc.)

Why cite peer-reviewed journal articles?

  • Support your argument with proven evidence
  • Provide expert analysis of research on a specific topic (literature reviews, meta-analyses and systematic reviews are great for this!)
  • Be an Academic!  Peer-reviewed publishing is the main means by which academics communicate with each other and work together to produce knowledge within their fields

How can you tell if an article is peer-reviewed?

The easiest way is to check the "peer-reviewed" limiter under the "Advanced Search" options of a given database.