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College Composition

Newspaper and Magazine Databases

Newspaper and Magazine FAQ

What types of information do newspapers and magazines contain?

  • Factual accounts of events as they happened
  • Opinion and analysis of current events, issues, and problems in politics and society
  • Reviews of movies, music, books, theater, and restaurants
  • Local and regional information

Why cite newspapers and magazines?

  • To provide factual accounts of specific events
  • To provide real life examples of a specific issue or problem
  • To support your argument with other similar arguments made by experts
  • To respond to counter arguments about an issue or problem in your argumentative essay (to find counter arguments, be sure to click the "editorial" limiter under "Document Type" in Advanced Search)

Are newspapers and magazines peer-reviewed?

No.  If your instructor requires that you use peer-reviewed journal articles for your assignment, newspapers and magazines will not count.  However, they are still valuable resources that can be cited in addition to peer-reviewed journal articles.