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College Composition

Where to Locate Different Types of Evidence

Evidence  Why Use It? Where to Locate It
Background Information and Overviews
  • Narrow and Focus your topic
  • Quickly acquaint yourself with key issues, events and people associated with your topic
  • Familiarize yourself and your reader with technical terms and jargon related to your topic
  • Establish the prevalence of an issue or problem
  • Use public opinion to support your argument
  • Use economic information to support your argument
Anecdotes, Examples and Case Studies
  • Use real life examples to show the human impact of your issue or problem
  • Illustrate how your issue or problem works with concrete examples
Expert Opinions and Quotations
  • Support your argument with the arguments of experts who may agree with you
Peer-Reviewed Research
  • Establish the prevalence of an issue or problem 
  • Argue that research shows that a particular solution to your problem is effective or that a position on your issue is the correct one
Counter Arguments
  • Make your own argument stronger by ethically addressing and refuting the positions of those who disagree with you 


A-Z List of Databases